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What makes CSMS unique??

This is a software designed with the ability to operate basing on users settings and can be changed at any time when necessary .

Frequently asked questions

  • Report Settings
    1. How do i register the school?
    2. How to upload head teacher signature?
    3. How do i register sets of exams done at our school?
    4. How do i register exam sets for this term eg BOT, MOT & EOT ?
    5. How do i set reporting date for next term?
    6. How do i stop other users from promoting students?
  • Account
    1. How do i login ?
    2. How do i give user rights to access this system (login)?
    3. How do i edit my acount?
  • Class
    1. How do i register classes?
    2. How do i register streams?
  • subjects
    1. How do i register Subjects?
    2. How do i register papers?
  • students
    1. How do i register students?
    2. How can i export already registered students in excel?
    3. How do i upload students photoes?
    4. How do i upload students signiture?
    5. How do i assign optional subjects to students?
  • Staff
    1. How do i register a teacher?
    2. How do i assign subject and class to a teacher ?
  • Grading
    1. How do i set the pass mark (bot/30,mot/20,eot/50)?
    2. How do i set or change grading ?
  • Marks
    1. where do i enter marks from?
    2. how do i edit marks?
    3. how can i delete marks?
    4. how can i convert marks?
    5. how can i combine two sets of marks to make it one set?
  • Reports marksheets and performance
    1. How do i print the marksheets?
    2. How do i print students academic report ?
    3. How do i get the best performing students ?
  • Promotion settings
    1. How do i see the performance of students if i want to promote them according to thier performance?
    2. How do i promote students ?
    3. How do i demote students that i have promoted by a mistake ?


    This displays the menu of the system and statistics overview or standings of the system.
    The system overview has a summary of the classes and streams,subjects,students and staff.Details of these can be viewed by clicking on the view details link below each button.

    System Backups

    This allows you to download the system databse and save it.This can be helpful in restoring data in case the system crashes.
    To backup the databse,click on Back up now and the database will appear below the Back up now button.
    Download the backed up database can be dowloaded by clicking on the Download link and then saved on secure storage medium like an external storage device or preferably online.
    When multiple databases are showing after multiple backups,you can use the DELETE button tou delete and reduce them to one.
    There also is a bar chart which shows the number of students per class
    System logs:These keep track of users who login and operations they make while logged in.


    The Menu on the right side of the Home page has various links performing different actions

    Report settings

    Under report settings,there are also sub linksdetailed below that help in setting the appearance of the report.

    Upload principal's signature

    This feature lets you upload the Principal/Head Teacher's signature that will appear on the student reports. The Principal/Head teacher will then not be required to sign every student's report since their signature will automatically be appended toall student reports.
    Follow the following steps to upload it.

    Attach principal's signature Click on choose file and select the signature file from where you previously saved it and then click open. Click Submit principal's signature

    Report appearance

    This defines the general information to be printed on the report i.e School name/address and the corresponding details.Make sure you provide correct information.
    Click on choose file to upload school badge,select the badge from a file directory and then click open
    Provide the school information in by filing the corresponding fields
    Click submit school information

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    Beginning of term

    This feature helps in setting time frame for the following term.i.e when the term will begin and when it will end
    Select class(es).Note that classes with with the same reporting dateS can be set collectively by selecting different classes one at a time.
    Select the current term,provide the Beginning and End of term respectively and then click Submit
    The set dates for each class are displayed on the right side of the page.

    Exam sets

    Under this setting,you can register Exam sets done e.g BOT,MOT,EOT,MOCK etc.Note that the Exam set must not be greater than six characters
    The registered sets are displayed on the right side of the page,these can be edited by clicking ont the edit icon which gives you a provision to edit and save changes otherwise close to discard changes.

    Exam format setting

    This setting helps you specify the exam sets that will be done by a particular class for a given term.
    On the entry form,select the class,term and then sets to be done are specified by checking on a check box beside a set you want to specify and then click submit.
    The registered sets with their corresponding classes are shown on the right side of the page.

    Exam set grading scale

    This lets you set the percentage each set of exam contributes to make 100% at the end of term.
    Select term,class and the percentage for each set.Sets previously defined for that class and term are displayed and the percentage set for all must be totaling to 100%

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